Pablo Guidali

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1976.

In 1995 he joined the School of Economics at the National University of Uruguay (Universidad de la República, Uruguay). Three years later - and after a traveling around Europe and the Middle East - he started his photo- graphy studies.
From  2002  to  2006  he works as  a photographer for  "Galería" magazine,  belonging  to the  weekly journal "Búsqueda" (Uruguay). At  the  same  time he works  as a teacher in charge of the photography workshop of  the Latinoamericano School (Uruguay).
In 2007 he receives  a scholarship from the French  Government  to study photography in France.
In 2010 he gets his diploma from the "National Photography High School" (ENSP) in Arles (France).
In the same year his work "Fiesta y la mar en coche" receives the first prize as national author book  granted by the Photography Center (Centro de Fotografía), Uruguay.
In 2011 he obtains the Aid to Creation in Visual Arts from the PACA Region Government (France).
His project "Fábulas" - jointly executed with the photographer Erwan Morére -  obtains in 2011 the first prize granted  by  the  Competitive  Fund  for  Culture  of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay  (Fondo Concursable para la Cultura - Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Uruguay).
In 2012  his work Beba  receives the first prize  at the Photobook competition  organized by the  Photography Center  (Centro de Fotografía), Uruguay.
He has performed several collective and individual exhibitions in Uruguay, France and Spain.

In 2013 he has been selected as an artist member at the French Academy of Spain - Casa de Velázquez.

He currently lives and works between Madrid and Marseille.

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